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Sunday, December 16, 2012

I have to keep him.

The stockings were hung
'cross the doorway with care....
I kind of hinted around last night about a super secret project that I had finished, but I couldn't say anything about it yet.

Part of what I finished was getting all of our Christmas stockings hung up and ready to go. Since we don't have a fireplace, I have to improvise. In our old house, I hung them down the staircase, but in this house I just go across the doorway between the front rooms instead. It works, and they're up high enough that the kids can't mess around with them without climbing - and for the most part they know better than to do that.

Anyway, I decided that since it appears that The Dude is going to be a permanent fixture - he needed a stocking too.

How's that for cementing a relationship? No marriage, nothing official or on paper or anything like that, but a homemade Christmas stocking instead....

I told him that this means that I have to keep him - because I don't go through all of that work for just anyone.

Hey, it's a step, right?

Not sure if he's more proud of the stocking
or his silly football team.


  1. Oh, I love my team, for sure, but the stocking, well, santa doesn't fill empty football hats, does he?

    1. Well, he probably could - but he might fill one with your team on it with poo. Just sayin'.


  2. HE IS A KEEPER, the jersey,...well no! But then, no one is perfect!

    1. The jersey? What about the hat???

      But yeah, he has to have a flaw. *sigh*

    2. Oh dear, I didn't even notice that!!!


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